Física en Flash: Drag y rotación con easing

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  1. […] Ecco un bel esempio che ci mostra come usare la classe easing per creare un effetto drag con rotazione su un clip filmato […]

  2. KArim says: 7 octubre 200813:08


    i have download the .fla but he don’t work!!!
    when i try to open it with flash, i have a message saying me that: “corrupted data”
    im using flash8. can you send me a working .fla??? please. thx.

  3. admin says: 7 octubre 200814:18

    Use flash CS3

  4. Danae says: 4 diciembre 200819:07

    please, how can i restrict the drag area for don’t loose my object out of visible swf stage?
    thank you for your answer and for your time
    much appreciate your flash works!!!

  5. admin says: 4 diciembre 200819:50
  6. Danae says: 4 diciembre 200820:24

    thank you for your quick answer!!
    this solved many troubles!!!
    thank you ^.-

  7. Danae says: 5 diciembre 200818:07

    please how can i have back my object when this go outside visible area?
    Can it turn back and can i set the coordinates?
    I see a similar in http://www.fat-man-collective.com/
    Thank you

  8. Danae says: 9 diciembre 200817:33

    please there is a script for have back my object once this is out of visible area?
    i can return it but without tween: can this move out of visible area and come back on some coordinates with tween?
    thank you for your answer

  9. admin says: 9 diciembre 200817:43

    search inside the movieclip…

    this._x = inx;
    this._y = iny;

    …inx and iny are the properties X and Y

  10. Fact0r says: 16 septiembre 200915:41

    I would like to add the next code so the one you click is on top.
    Your code is written in AS2?
    Is there an AS3 version somewhere?

    var objeto : Array = [objeto1, objeto2, objeto3, objeto4];

    for (var i:int = 0; i

  11. admin says: 16 septiembre 200918:51